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Visionaries presents Tom Ford

Tom Ford is a visionary. Whether it’s architecture, acting, filmmaking or couture, at some point in his life he has immersed himself in it all. Though different media, each have gifted him a means through which to design and build something original, beautiful, and conscious of what’s going in the world from a social standpoint.

OWN documentary, Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind of Tom Ford, explores his work to date from a fashion perspective. The Tom Ford look we know today is defined by its elegant, sleek fit and construction. Though never coy. His campaigns are bold in their expression of an artistic sensuality.

Before launching his eponymous brand in 2004, Tom Ford headed up Gucci for fourteen years. He is famed for having revived the failing Italian entity, initially as the Head of Womenswear, producing a new style of clothing that saw sales skyrocket. He has also worked as Creative Director of Saint Laurent. He comments on both experiences in the documentary, but mostly I valued seeing the way that Tom Ford works now. In his current London design studio, he houses womenswear, menswear, shoes, eyewear etc. in one room to foster innovation through idea and knowledge spillover and collaboration. He later elaborates on his ethos. “Fashion to me isn’t just clothes. It can be a mirror of where we are culturally at a moment in time, or it can be an indicator of where we’re going”. This is a viewpoint that I share.

I like Tom Ford because he’s politically and socially astute. He’s polished yet pushing the boundaries at the same time.

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