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Victoria Beckham receives OBE

Victoria Beckham receives an OBE from the Duke of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace to recognise her contribution and services to the fashion industry. The honour comes just 6 months after the release of her emotional letter to her 18-year old self where she talks about past struggles with body image and reflects on friendships, relationships, motherhood, school and career.

She reaffirmed that “When [she] was at school, [she] was never naturally the brightest of students”, first expressed in an interview with Imran Amed, BOF Founder and Editor-in-Chief. “Then I went to theatre college”, Victoria continued, “and I was never the most talented. I have always had to work…I’m not sitting back and waiting for things to come to me: I will go out and get it”.

Victoria Beckham has no formal training in fashion or art. In 2008, the news that she’d be launching her own line was met with a somewhat prejudiced reception. She was undermined. The cynics lambasted her, mocked her WAG caricature, big boobs, fake tan and questioned her commitment to hone the craft of fashion, whether she’d be willing, had the energy, dedication and talent.

To their surprise, later that year, Victoria’s understated presentation of a 10-piece dress collection received critical acclaim. By 2011, she had become a regular fixture at New York Fashion Week. Her range had extended to handbags, sunglasses and shoes. She had a new diffusion line.

Back on home soil, she has twice won Designer Brand of the Year at the British Fashion Awards. She has been named Woman of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year by Glamour Magazine. She is also considered one of the UK’s most influential women by BBC Radio 4.

Victoria Beckham is no longer dismissed as just as a footballer’s wife ‘working’ on a vanity project. She is a mother of 4 with a staff of 150. Her OBE is a testament to her drive and determination to break into a notoriously tough and judgmental industry, her humility along the way and though perhaps not at 18, eventual self-belief.

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