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Coral lips

This summer, to accentuate a sun-kissed glow, paint a pretty coral lip in an orange, peachy-pink tone. Top picks are Mac’s Vegas Volt or Crosswires, Nars Niagara or Tory Burch Pretty Baby.

Mac Crosswires lipstick and labels.jpgCoral lip 1 Jourdann Dunn Lipstick and LabelsCoral lip 2 Cara Delevinge Lipstick and LabelsCoral lip 3 Lipstick and LabelsCoral lip 4 lipstick and labelsCoral lip 5 lipstick and labelsCoral lip 6 lipstick and labelsCoral lip 7 lipstick and labelsCoral lip 8 lipstick and labelsCoral lipstick 9 lipstick and labelsCoral lip 10 lipstick and labels

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